Seedballz Seeds Of Hope Seed Collection

Seedballz Seeds of HopeSeeds Of Hope & Breast Cancer

Seeds of Hope are a beautiful combination of flower seeds that features all pink blooms. This seed collection is meant to symbolize the hope for a cure for Breast Cancer.

A portion of each sale of the Seedballz Seeds Of Hope Seed Collection is donated to National Breast Cancer Foundation to help those women who need financial assistance and to fund further research into the treatment and cure of breast cancer.

Facts about Breast Cancer

    • Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer for women and the second leading cause of death for women aged 40 to 55.
    • Each year nearly 200,000 women are diagnosed with this horrific disease and 1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed during their lifetime.
    • Detected early enough the 5-year cure rate is 98 percent.  Unfortunately, more than 30% of breast cancer cases go undiagnosed until it’s too late.
    • The reasons breast cancer goes undetected are varied.  Lack of education about self-examinations, or lack of education about the sense of urgency that needs to be involved when lumps or abnormalities are detected during the examination.
    • In most cases, though, it goes undiagnosed because the woman simply couldn’t afford proper health care – a mammogram.


And you’re helping another group of people, too.  The Seedballz are hand-rolled by people with developmental disabilities here in the U.S.


Seedballz For The Cure!

 Seedballz Pack Seeds Of Hope

These seedballz are just too much fun!  And they’re a great way to get your kids interested in gardening too.  The are so easy to plant, anyone can do it!

All you need to do is scatter them around your garden or toss a few in a pot, add a little water and stand back!

They’re little balls of seeds encased in clay and as the clay dissolves the seeds begin to germinate.  No guessing about how deep to plant.  No worrying about straight rows or birds grabbing your seeds before they have a chance to sprout.  You just drop them on the ground and push them in (so the squirrels don’t think they’re nuts!) then water and watch them grow.

It’s just that easy!


 Drop & Grow Seedballz Seeds of HopeCheck Price

Each kit contains: Callistephus chinensis, Pink Centaurea cyanus, Pink Cosmos, Sensation, Cynoglossum, Gypsophila elegans, Iberis umbellata, Lavatera trimestris, Mirabilis jalapa, Nigella persian, Silene armeria, Zinnia elegans, Dahlia.

Seedballz prefer full sun and they need plenty of water until they start sprouting.


Seedballz Seeds Of Hope Seed Collection


These seed balls really are some of the easiest flowers you will ever plant in your garden. Simply toss these flower seeds on the ground or on top of a pot.  Keep this seed collection watered and watch these flower seeds grow!

No digging holes or rolling out mats for these flower seeds.  Just drop this seed collection where you want them to grow.

Let these beautiful flower seeds bring hope to your garden!


Breast Cancer Seems to Hit Just About Every Family, either with a family member or a friend

This is no doubt a charity we all feel compelled to support and this is such an easy way to help while planting our gardens.