Osmocote Outdoor and Indoor Smart-Release Plant Food

Osmocote Smart Release Plant FoodI have been using Osmocote plant food for decades, therefore I can personally attest to how well it fertilizes and feeds plants.

Many years ago, I was purchasing pansies for our backyard flower bed.  The nursery specialist recommended that I add Osmocote to the soil before I planted the flowers.  I tried it that very day.  Over the next few weeks, I was truly shocked at how much better my flower beds looked.  The flowers stayed healthier for a lot longer and I would have sworn they had more vibrate colors.  Now,  I never plant a flower or bulb without starting with Osmocote.  The smart release granules continue to feed my flowers for 4 months.  Adding additional “food” when it is time, is very easy.

In my opinion, it is truly the best plant and flower food available and is extremely easy to use.

Safe for indoor and outdoor plants and flowers!


Adding Osmocote When Planting Flowers and Bulbs

osmocoteIt is really very easy to add Osmocote plant food while you are planting your flowers and bulbs.  The plant food itself comes with a small measuring cup to ensure you are adding the right amount of plant food.  The average amount is 1/2 teaspoon per plant.  If you are planting an entire bed of flowers all at once, you would need to use 1 capful per 4 square foot area.  For a planter, you use anywhere from 1 tsp. to 4 tbsp. depending on the size of your container.  The application amounts are printed right on the side of the packaging.

Simply dig you hole, add the recommended amount of Osmocote into the hole, then plant your flower or bulb on top of it.  The smart-release product will continue to feed your plants for 4 months.

Osmocote is guaranteed not to burn!


Osmocote is Available for Feeding Vegetables Too!

Choose the Formula that is Best for your Backyard Garden

The Flower & Vegetable contains balanced nutrients to support stronger roots.  It is Best for Your Perennials and Vegetables.
The Outdoor & Indoor is Best for Annuals & Indoor Plants.

 Osmocote Flower and Vegetable Smart-Release Plant Food, 14-14-14, 1-PoundCheck Price Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Plus Outdoor & Indoor, 1 lb.Check Price


Feed Existing Plants and Flower with Osmocote

You can feed existing plants in a couple of different ways. A quick method is to simply place the Osmocote on the top of the soil and mix it deeper into the soil with your shovel or a stick.  However, I prefer to make a narrow trench around the flowers. Sprinkle the Osmocote granules into the trench and cover back over with the surrounding dirt.  This newly added food will also continue to feed your plants for 4 months.

Plants and flowers should be feed at the very beginning of their growing and flowering season to get that nutrition to them when it is most needed.  However, you can add Osmocote anytime during their growing season.

Do Not Mix Osmocote with Water!  It should be applied as a dry granule.


Osmocote Plant Food - Use on Vegetable Plants, Flowers, Indoor or Outdoor Plants