Flowering Pear Trees

Flowering Pear Trees ~ Our Gentle Giants

Bradford Flowering Pear TreesMy backyard is graced with two Flowering Bradford Pear Trees.  We call the Flowering Pear Trees our “gentle giants” because they are huge, but when the wind blows they sway like graceful ballerinas.

Their peaceful countenance beckons you to want to just rest under their shade and just enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

The tree in the picture hides the nest of a Mockingbird.  It has been their home for several years and we have greatly enjoyed watching their dominating antics from our kitchen window.  I shudder to think what would happen to any interloper.

The first year a Mocking Bird built her nest in this tree, our beautiful black lab was assaulted with regularity when he went in the backyard.  No doubt, his hair still lines that nest.


Flowering Pear Tree Blooms

Flower Pear Tree Blossoms


A Few Facts About the Flowering Pear Tree


Flowering Pear Trees photoWhite Blooms with 5 petals Blooms are approx. 1″ in diameter

Spring Flowering

Grows up to 50 ft. Tall

Spread 25 to 30 ft.

Deciduous and Ornamental

Hearty and Disease Resistant

Full Sun

Thrives in Most Soils

Drought Tolerant once Established

USDA Hardiness Zones include 5 – 9


Find your Hardiness Zone



Watch a Flowering Pear Tree Bloom

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Flowering Pear Trees Fall Colors

Flowering Pear Tree in the Fall Photo

During the summer, the leaves are a gorgeous dark green.

In the fall, the Flowering Pear trees don a magnificent cloak of red, yellow and orange leaves that frolic in the wind until they gently cascade to the ground.

This dance is every bit as beautiful as their dance welcoming spring.

The winter can be especially hard on our gentle giants.  While they give the appearance of being strong and sturdy, ice can snap a beautiful limb as easily as we could snap a twig.

Winter damage can be devastating to these beauties and it will break you heart to see one suffer.




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Flowering Pear Trees