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Let’s face it!  Gardeners often spend so much time in their gardens, they don’t know what is available in stores.  There really are a lot of things that make a gardeners life easier.  After all, it is more about the beauty of the garden and spending time in our peaceful retreat.   It doesn’t always have to be hard work.

For instance, who really enjoys moving sprinklers around in the yard simply because our plants and flowers need water.  With the Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler, we can set it up and walk away.   Because the Raintrain follows the way you set the hose, a gardener can also pick a certain area that needs water while bypassing the other areas.

Here are a few more suggestions for gifts for the gardener from an experienced gardener!  Each of the recommended gardening gifts shown below are linked to articles that give more information about the featured item.

Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler
Read More About the RainTrain Traveling Sprinkler

The Best Gardening Gloves

Often gardeners have many pairs of gloves, but they generally reach for one each time.  Why?  Because those gloves offer better protection or other features that make them the preferred gardening gloves.  The BlueHawk leather garden work gloves are the gardening gloves I recommend above all others.  Find out more about them by clicking the photo.

Blue Hawk Work Gloves
Read More About the Blue Hawk Work Gloves


The Best Hedge Trimmer Makes a Great Gift!

The Black & Decker 17″ Hedge Trimmer is the best trimmer simply because of the shorter length which makes it easier to handle.  It also makes it lighter weight which means a gardener can get more done without stressing and straining to complete a job.  This may well be the best gift I have ever received!  It is amazing how much difference it makes.  This blade is only 6 inches shorter that my previous trimmer, but it truly makes a world of difference in control, physical strength required, and

The Best Hedge Trimmer
Read More about the Black & Decker 17″ Hedge Trimmer


More Gifts for Gardeners

Here are a few more suggestions for gifts for gardeners.  I haven’t written reviews for these items yet, but I can certainly recommend them.



Gardening gifts are not always “pretty” but to a gardener, they are the most beautiful gifts they will receive.  These gifts will be used often.  They are needed and wanted.  My pruning shears are my constant companion in the garden and the utility garden cart has saved my back more times than I can remember to count.  They apron may look a bit funny, but when you are truly working in the garden, you don’t want cumbersome, heavy, or too dainty.  I need something that will hold my gardening tools, as well has my cell phone and house keys.  Plus, I want it to stay out of my way and allow me to bend and move without tangling around my legs or making me too hot.

 Fiskars Traditional Bypass Pruning ShearsCheck Price Handy Organizer Garden Tool PouchCheck Price Utility Garden Cart with Removable Sides with a Capacity of 800 lb,See Article



I know some gift givers prefer to give a pretty gift, so I would recommend one of these gifts if you want something that is practical plus pretty.  The box of flower seeds is better than a box of chocolates to a gardener.  The kneeler can be used as shown or turnover to be a bench.  And, every gardener needs a way to label their bulbs and plants.  Either of these items would make a lovely gift for the gardener.

 Blossombs Medium Box It’s Spring, Flower Grow Kit, Wildflower Seed BombsCheck Price 10.2″ Wider Garden Kneeler and Seat, Heavy Duty Thick Gardening Bench for Kneeling and SeatCheck Price Gardener’s Blue Ribbon T026B Copper Plant Labels (4 Pack), 6Check Price



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