Bulb Planter Tool Makes Gardening Easier

Hand Bulb Planting ToolI Love My Bulb Planting Tool!

Many years ago, I purchased my first bulb planter tool and immediately fell in love with it!  It has truly made planting my new bulbs fast and easy.  I also love the gradation marks on the bulb planter tool that measures the depth for proper bulb planting.

This little gardening tool is much matter than a small shovel when planting our flower bulbs.  It really does make is faster, easier and much less back-breaking.

This is a necessary gardening tool for anyone who wants to plant a lot of flower bulbs.


How to use a Bulb Planter

The bulb planting tool is really easy to use.  Simply shove the bulb planting tool down into soft soil.  The dirt stays in the cylinder when you lift the tool.  Drop the flower bulb into the hole you just dug with your bulb planting tool.  Then, hold the tool over the hole and squeeze the spring handle to release the dirt, easily burying your bulb.

The bulb planting tool was designed to plant bulbs, but over they years, I have found it is wonderful for planting small perennials and annuals as well.

Bulb Planting Tool


My Favorite Gardening Tool!
Best Bulb Planter

Fiskars Bulb Planter

The Fiskars Bulb Planter makes planting your flower bulbs a breeze each fall.  Then, in the spring, you can simply sit back and enjoy the gorgeous daffodils, lilies, iris’ and many more lovely flowers that are grown from bulbs.

This bulb planter is also a wonderful bulb transplanter.  Sometimes we want to move a few bulbs, perhaps to share them with a friend, or to simply add them to a different section of our garden.  The bulb planter tool makes that easy too.
There are hundreds of varieties of fabulous bulb flowers. You can fill your garden and flower beds with bulbs faster and easier when using the right tool:  the Fiskars Bulb Planter.

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Flower Bulb Planting Tool