The Jane Magnolia Tree

The Jane Magnolia aka Magnolia Liliflora

Jane Magnolia tree pink bloomsThe Jane Magnolia Tree Blooms

Our home would not be complete without our Jane Magnolia Tree.

Twenty years ago, our son chose a Jane Magnolia to give to me for Mother’s day.  We promptly planted it and enjoyed its beautiful blooms.

A few short years later, we moved and had to leave our beauty behind.  It nearly broke my heart to have to part with that tree.

When we purchased our new house, the boxes were not even unpacked before we sought out another Jane Magnolia.  Today, it is every bit as important and treasured as the first gift.  It stands as a constant reminder of my son’s thoughtful and giving disposition.

Each year we are delighted with the most beautiful display of delicate perfection!

Jane Magnolia Tree
One of our first Gifts of Spring is our Jane Magnolia blooming. As you can see, even the grass is not green yet.

A Few Facts About the Magnolia Liliflora ‘Reflorescens’ x stellata

The Jane Magnolia Tree

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Large Pink Blooms (Inside bloom is white in color)

Slender Tulip Shaped Blooms ~ 1 – 3 inches  –
(When the bloom is fully opened, it resembles a lily)

Light Fragrance

Spring Flowering

Grows up to 15 ft. Tall

Spread 5 to 10 ft.

Deciduous Part or Full Sun

Soil tolerances:  acidic, loamy, moist, rich, sandy, or well-drained
(Just about any soil)

Drought tolerance:  Good

USDA Hardiness Zones include 3 – 7

Do Not Prune this tree after the first year or two.   The wounds will not heal.


Our Jane Magnolia Tree

Jane Magnolia budsWe always buy our trees when they are babies.  There are several reasons why we choose the smaller trees.  They are less expensive, easier to transport and much easier to plant.

Because they are so young when we bring them home, we all tend to form a special attachment to each of them.  On a really cold night, you might find either member of our household out wrapping a blanket around the base of the tree in order to keep it warm.

This little girl has been pampered and protected by all of us.  Even our fur babies know to be careful around her.  After all, one hard tweak of a dogs big tail could destroy the fragile blooms on the lower limbs of the tree.


The Jane Magnolia tree


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Photos of Our Jane Magnolia Tree – Watch it Bloom Right Before Your Eyes!


The Jane Magnolia When it is Not Blooming

Throughout the summer and fall months, the Jane Magnolia is a lovely & lush green-leaved tree.  It still adds a softening effect to the yard and provides a fabulous shade.

Jane Magnolia Tree


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