Winterize with Styrofoam Outdoor Faucet Covers

Winterize with Styrofoam Faucet CoversThere are several styles of faucet covers available to insulate and winterize your outdoor faucets.  Anyone who has ever had a pipe burst, or a outdoor faucet freeze, knows these inexpensive faucet covers can save a ton of money and prevent extreme anguish.  It is an awful lesson to learn the hard way.

We have used the cheap Styrofoam covers that hook to the facet for over 30 years and I can assure you, they are fabulous.  The Styrofoam is surprisingly durable and the foam on the edge helps it fit snug against the side of the house.  Neither snow, freezing rain, ice, or freezing temperatures have ever penetrated or  cracked the covers.


The Duck Styrofoam Faucet Cover

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Our older Styrofoam faucet cover has a bolt and screw on nut that holds it in place, but our new faucet cover has a draw string that tightens the cover to the faucet.  Either works equally as well, but the draw string is faster to attach.

I don’t normally like change and I usually think the original designs are best.  However in the case of the faucet covers, the newer version with the draw string definitely has it’s advantages.  Allow me to tell on myself a bit here.  I don’t think to cover the faucets until the temperature drops to freezing.  Then, I run outside with the covers.  Because it is already freezing weather, I want to move fast and get back in side the house.  Plus, I definitely want to wear gloves.  Tightening the bolt and nut style is a wee bit challenging with gloves.  And, it certainly takes longer than pulling a draw string.  Therefore, I am come to appreciate, and prefer, the newer versions with the draw strings.


Other Outdoor Faucet Covers

The cover above is the one we have chosen to use, but we have relatives who prefer the plastic cover that is Styrofoam insulated. They basically work the same way, but could be considered more attractive. My one concern would be longevity for the plastic covers. I know my plastic flower pots don’t always weather well. They fade, therefore the no longer look prettier. Plus, they can crack and that is something we have never experienced with the plain Styrofoam faucet covers.

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Winterize with Outdoor Faucet Covers