Blue Hawk Leather Garden Work Gloves

Blue Hawk Leather GlovesI have working, or playing, in the garden all of my life.  I’ve owned more pairs of gardening gloves than I care to remember.  They always get holes in the fingers and are rendered useless.  I end up tossing them in the trash.  Currently, I have 3 pairs of gardening gloves, but only 1 pair that is really worth having, my Blue Hawk Leather Gloves.

Growing up, I enjoyed spending a day in my grandmothers vegetable garden.  We worked until our hands were sore and dirt was caked under our fingernails.  Gardening gloves were nearly impossible for me to keep on my smaller hands, but I loved being in the garden, so I often discarded them quickly.  I do remember always admiring my great-aunt’s flowery gloves though.  Of course, I was attracted to their beauty, not their serviceability.

When I married and moved into my own home, one of the first things I purchased for myself was a pair of flowery gloves.  They were pretty, but I found out quickly they were completely impractical.  I have spent years trying to find a really good pair of gardening gloves.  Finally, 3 years ago I found the pair I have sought all of my life.  Sadly, they do not have flowers on them.  However, they do an excellent job of protecting my hands, fingernails and skin.

The Best Gardening Gloves Ever

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We were in Lowes looking at garden decor when my husband spied some plain creamy white work gloves.  My first impression was how impractical white would be in the garden.  I will admit, I was wrong.

My second thought was how hot leather would be while working in the garden.  I will admit, I was wrong.

My next thought was how they were way too expensive.  Wrong again!

Yes, the white shows dirt, but it easy knocks off when dry.  After 3 years,they are gray or light brown in places, but it doesn’t matter.  After all, they are for work and show their years of durable service.  The leather is not hot at all.  As a matter a fact, I never even notice them holding warmth or heat.

As to the price, initially they do cost more.  However, they last for years!  I no longer need to replace my work gloves every season.

One benefit I did not even consider is that these gloves have a ball and tape pull on the wrist that holds them tight on my hands.  No more fighting to keep them on.  No more thorns, bristles and needles getting down into the palms or fingers of the gloves by falling in at the wrist.  I would also like to note, they are extremely soft and very comfortable to wear.  They bend easily without the tightness or bulk often associated with leather-wear.

The only downside is that they are not machine washable.  They don’t seem to be affected by water when I am watering my plants though.

If you look at the picture below, you will see that I am wearing my Blue Hawk leather work gloves.  They really are fabulous whether I am planting flowers and bulbs,  trimming bushes, or even spreading rocks over my landscape fabric.

Gardening Gloves

Gardening Gloves for the Whole Family

They also would make great gifts for anyone who works in their yard or garden.  Not only do I have my Blue Hawk leather gardening gloves, but my husband and son both have a pair.  They love them too, so perhaps it is best that they don’t have flowers on them after all.


Blue Hawk Garden Work Gloves