Black & Decker 17″ Blade Hedge Trimmer

The Black & Decker 17″ Blade Hedge Trimmer is Perfect for Women (and Men)

17" Black & Decker Hedge TrimmerI love my backyard and I enjoy the results of my labor in my backyard, but not all jobs are easy.  I stand just barely over 5 ft and trimming our hedges and bushes can be challenging for me each spring.   Actually, it was challenging for me, but that all changed a few years ago when my parents gave me a Black & Decker 17″ Hedge Trimmer.

We had a larger 24″ hedge trimmer, also Black & Decker, that I loved, but it was really too large for me to handle easily.  Still, each year I fought the shorter bushes with it.  My husband always trimmed what I couldn’t reach on his days off from work.  I just couldn’t see spending more money on a smaller hedge trimmer just for me.  Honestly, until my dad suggested it, I hadn’t really even considered it.  I just used what we had and life went on.

Much to my surprise, my parents gave me the smaller Black & Decker 17″ Hedge Trimmer for my birthday that year.  It might seem like an unusual birthday gift for a female, but it is truly among the best ever gifts that I have been given.  This hedge trimmer has become one of my best gardening friends!  It is lightweight enough that I can lift it over my head and hold it there to trim bushes that are taller than me.  Plus, the blade is short enough that it is not unwieldy.   This is a huge improvement!  I can work a lot longer and a lot faster in our backyard now than ever before.


Let me show you my hedge trimmer!

Black & Decker Hedge Trimmer 17"

The Black & Decker 17″ Hedge Trimmer (TRO17)

 BLACK+DECKER Electric Hedge Trimmer, 17-Inch – Newer Model
TRO17 Model was Discontinued by Manufacturer
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My particular hedge trimmer has been replaced with a new model in the stores, but it is still available online.  I am sure the newer version is just as fabulous, and possibly.

  • Weight Under 5 lbs
  • 17″ Blade
  • Easy to Handle
  • Rust Resistant
  • Durable Steel
  • Cuts Through Soft Branches up to 3/4″ Thick
  • 3.2 Amp motor
  • Electric Power Tool

There are a few things I would like to add.  The handle over the power switch makes it really easily to hold in place with my right hand while I work the power trigger with my left hand.  (See photo above)

Black & Decker 17" Hedge TrimmerI also recommend using the power cord holder on the lower back part of the handle.  I found out the hard way that if you don’t use it, it is very easy to cut through your power cord.

The juniper bush you see me trimming above has very soft branches.  This 17″ blade will easily cut though 1¼” thick soft branches which makes this job almost effortless.

The Juniper Bushes in My Yard Have to be Trimmed Annually – This is 1 Years Growth

Juniper Bush trimming - hedge trimmer


The Newer Version of the Black & Decker 17″ Hedge Trimmer (shown above)

In fairness, I cannot tell you how the newer model compares with my original hedge trimmer from experience.  I can only compare the specs.  My Black & Decker Hedge Trimmer is a real trooper!   It hasn’t needed to be replaced and I use it often. 

There appears to be a bit of a redesign to the handle, plus it has a 3.2-amp motor instead of a 2.8 amp motor.


My Recommendation of the Black & Decker 17″ Hedge Trimmer

Since I have several years of personal experience with the model TRO17, I know I can tell you this hedge trimmer is exceptional!  It has truthfully changed my life.  I don’t get as tired and my arms don’t ache now after I trim the junipers shown in this article.  Because they take at least an hour each to trim (there are 3 in our yard), I spend half of a day each year working just on them.   Having the right size hedge trimmer for my stature certainly makes a world of difference.  I can only imagine that a stronger individual would find this hedge trimmer completely effortless to use.


A Few Gardening Accessories Needed When Using a Hedge Trimmer

Protect Your Eyes, Hands & Arms

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