Beauty of the Kousa Dogwood Tree

Kousa Dogwood TreeWhen the Kousa Dogwood tree blooms, it is a magnificent display of beauty!  It is filled with stunning blossoms from top to bottom.

There are over a dozen varieties of dogwood trees.  We opted for the Kousa Dogwood tree because it is more disease resistant than other varieties.  It is also climate tolerate and can endure cold winters, as well as hot summer heat.  Recommended for Hardiness Zones 5 – 8.

The Kousa Dogwood tree can be planted in full sun which was perfect for our backyard.  Our tree provides a barrier of beauty that blocks out the view of the house behind us.

Because we also have clay soil, the Kousa Dogwood tree was the best choice for us.  It does need to be in a well drained area, therefore ours is planted at the highest point of our backyard.

Our tree is older than 20 years.  Each year it bestows a bounty of beauty to our backyard.


dogwood blossoms photo by Sylvestermouse


A Few Facts About the Kousa Dogwood Tree

  • Also known as Japanese Dogwood
  • Deciduous
  • Bears red fruit relished by birds (late summer)
  • Blooms in Spring
  • Bloom Size – 3 – 5 inch white flowers  (occasionally pink tinted)
  • Summer Foliage – Dark Green
  • Fall Foliage – Orange, Red & Brown
  • Mature Height – up to 30 ft.
  • Mature Width – up to 30 ft.
  • Soil – Well Drained, which makes it somewhat drought resistant
  • Can be pruned in late fall or winter to reveal lower trunk
  • Hardiness Zones – 5 – 8


Care for this Dogwood Tree

This tree requires very little care.  We spread a thin layer of fertilizing soil or Black Kow manure around the base of the tree once a year.  As indicated above, you can let you tree “bush” all the way to the ground or trim the lower branches, exposing the tree trunk.  You should prune a dogwood in late fall or winter when it is dormant.  Never prune it once it starts blooming.

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