Red Maple Trees

The Beauty of a Red Maple Tree

Red Maple Tree Photo by Sylvestermouse

I have several Maple trees in my yard.  All Maple trees are beautiful, but in the fall my Red Maple tree is especially vibrant and strikingly gorgeous.

The brilliant fall foliage is such a beautiful contrast to the overcast days and the fading summer beauty.

I look forward to seeing the leaves turn from green to red every year.  I often stand in my front window in the morning with my cup of coffee simply to admire this great beauty.

The Red Maple tree has always been one of my favorite trees to plant.  It is a slower growing, stronger tree that will live for decades, thus it does not have to be replaced every ten years or so.

It could easily outlive me!


My Red Maple tree is a spectacular beauty! – This Red Maple Tree Photo is Taken from the Front Window in My Home

Red Maple Trees

A Few Facts About the Red Maple Tree

  • Green Leaves in the Summer
  • Red Leaves in the Fall
  • Grows up to 60 ft. Tall
  • Spread 40 to 60 ft.
  • Average Life ~ 70 – 80 years
  • Deciduous
  • Partial Shade to Full Sun
  • Thrives in Most Soils ~ Tolerate of both dry and wet soils
  • High tolerance of pollution
  • USDA Hardiness Zones include 3 – 10

Note: This photo was taken of my Red Maple Tree the first week of October.   As you can see, it is green and showing the first signs of changing colors.


Close-up Photo of the Leaves on My Red Maple tree in October, Before they Change Colors

Red Maple Tree

Red Maple Tree First Week of November – You Can See the Red Maple Tree is Almost Completely Red Now

Red Maple Trees

A Red Maple Tree Leaf is Easily Identified and Can be Lethal

Red Maple Leaf Photo by SylvestermouseHow much do you really know about the beautiful leaf of the Red Maple tree?

We are all familiar with the beautiful symbol of Canada, the Maple leaf.  They are 2″ – 4″ long and wide.  They can be only 3 lobed, but some are actually 5 lobed or sectioned.  Even on the same tree, you will see a variety of leaves.

It is important for an animal owner to be able to identity a Red Maple leaf.

Red Maple leaves are toxic and are known to be lethal to horses.  In an area populated with Red Maple Trees, a rider absolutely must be familiar with how to identify a red maple leaf and simply not allow your horse to stop and graze around a Red Maple.  The life of your horse could well depend on your knowledge.

While there is a treatment available if properly diagnosed, the horse will still most likely die from the poison if he is allowed to eat the leaf of a Maple Tree.


Even the Baby Red Maple Tree Got into the Act

Young Red Maple TreeThis little tree appeared one day in my flower pot.  I don’t know which of our guest animals planted this little one for me, but I adore it.

As soon as the weather started turning colder and fall was definitely upon us, my husband and I transferred this little gift from the flower pot to the yard.

As you can see, it is very happy with it’s new spot and was not going to be left out of the show!  He changed colors a little later than his granddaddy pictured above.  That was probably because he needed the extra time to adapt to his new area.

This photo was taken on Nov. 12, 2010.  I look forward to watching, and photographing, him grow.  If he lives the normal life expectancy of a Red Maple tree, then he will definitely outlive me.  He should easily have another 60 – 70 years of life.


Close-up Photos of Red Maple Trees During Different Seasons


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