Gardeners Need to Avoid Dehydration – Carry a Water Bottle

Water Bottle for a GardenerWe frequently water our gardens.  We need to make sure we “water” the gardener too.  Both are about life preservation!

Let’s face it gardeners!  We get out in our yard or gardens and we want to work.  No one really likes to stop in the middle of a project to get water.  If we feel thirsty, we tell ourselves, “just a little bit longer.”  That little bit longer easily turns into an hour.  We may not even notice that we are not sweating as much.  Or, we ignore that faint headache.  We tell ourselves that bit of dizziness or confusion is simply the sun.  Nope, those are all signs of dehydration!  However, mild dehydration is easy to quickly reverse by simply drinking water.

When I cut the grass or work in my flower beds, I keep a bottle of water with me constantly.  I take periodic breaks and drink some water whether I feel thirsty or not.  Often, by the time you feel really thirsty, you are already starting to dehydrate.

I also recommend keeping a cell phone with you when you garden!  You never know when you might need immediate help.


Water Bottle for Gardeners

 Contigo AUTOSEAL Cortland Water Bottle, 24 oz, Greyed JadeCheck PriceI have a preferred water bottle that I carry.  I selected this particular water bottle because it won’t break and because it has a flip cover for the spout.  I don’t want any insects, dirt or debris to touch the area where I place my lips.  The rest of the bottle may get dirty, but I want that spout area clean.

The handle will also clip on a belt loop or apron tie and there is a push button release that keeps the water from spilling out until you are ready to drink it.

I opted for the 24 oz size.  I find it is big enough for me and is easy to carry along.  It will also fit in the cup holder on my riding lawnmower, which is another huge plus.

The mouth of the bottle is wide enough to put ice cubes in the bottle, if desired.  And, the bottle is dishwasher safe too.

Available in a variety of colors.


Water Bottle for a Gardener



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