Rose of Sharon Flowering Bush

A Rose of Sharon Bush Makes a House Feel Like Home

I love my Rose of Sharon Bush!
Rose of Sharon and Monarch Butterfly Photo by SylvestermouseWhen we moved into our house 21 years ago, the backyard was bare.

There was no landscaping of any kind except grass.  It just seemed so lonely and uninviting.  Even before I finished unpacking all of the boxes, I planted a small Rose of Sharon bush right outside my back door.  It immediately made me feel more at home.

Of course, it was followed by many other trees, bushes and flowers, but none have come close to the unequaled beauty of my Rose of Sharon.


Yellow Butterfly on My Rose of Sharon Bush

Rose of Sharon Bush photo by Sylvestermouse


The Rose of Sharon’s Great Attraction

Even though it is called a rose, it is not a rose.  It is in fact in the hibiscus family.

The Rose of Sharon bush attracts all kinds of wonderful creatures including hummingbirds, bumble bees and butterflies.

Since my bush blooms from late spring to late fall, the area around my back door is often a busy place and the perfect spot for photographs like the ones featured here.


Rose of Sharon, Hummingbird and Scripture Card by Sylvestermouse


A Few Facts About the Rose of Sharon Bush

  • Rose of Sharon and Yellow Butterfly Photo by SylvestermouseEasy Care / Low Maintenance
  • Large Blooms (Color differs depending on the variety)
  • Summer and Early Fall Flowering
  • Grows up to 8 – 10 ft. Tall with a Spread 4 to 6 ft.
  • Deciduous
  • Full Sun Soil tolerances:  Well Drained (water regularly)
  • USDA Hardiness Zones include 5 – 9
  • Can be trained or shaped by pruning in the first two seasons of life.


Find Your Hardiness Zone

National Gardening Association
If you live in the US, you can enter your zip code and find out your gardening hardiness zone.
Hardiness Zones – WORLD MAP
If you live outside of the U.S., this site will help you determine your planting zone.


The Rose of Sharon Flower and Care

Rose of Sharon and Bumble Bee Photo by SylvestermouseThe large, delicate bloom of the Rose of Sharon can be white, red, pink, purple, lavender or even light blue.

The bush itself can get up to 10′ tall and it requires very little care beyond watering and pruning as long as it is planted in full sun in a well drained spot.

Just like any other flower or bush, you would need to create a grass free area.  I made a flower bed around my Rose of Sharon and I have since added several rose bushes, but my favorite remains this beauty.


My Rose of Sharon Bush is my own little piece of  Heaven right here on earth!


I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.”

Solomon 2:1Rose of Sharon and Butterfly Photo by Sylvestermouse

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