Discover the Beauty of the Dwarf Firepower Nandina Bush

Nandina Bush for All SeaonsSome of the most beautiful bushes I have in my backyard, are my Firepower Nandina bushes. Their colors are variegated which means they complement just about any other plant, tree, or bush you have in your own yard. The reds and yellows of the Firepower Nandina are magnificent in the fall. Plus, these little bushes add a fabulous contrast to the greens of the spring and summer. They even offer bright spots in your yard during the winter months.

In addition to their gorgeous year-round color, they need no maintenance and no pruning or trimming.  My Firepower Nandina bushes are nearly 20 years old.  I planted them myself when we first moved into our home.  A few years ago, I moved 5 of my original Firepower Nandinas to my front flower bed.  They transplanted perfectly.  For about 3 days I noted some leaf drooping, but then they perked right back up.  They lost no limbs, leaves or color and frankly, after the first week, you couldn’t tell they had been moved.


Firepower Nandina Bush in September

This photo was taken around 7:00pm one evening in September.  The focal point was supposed to be the bunny in my backyard, but as you can see, the Firepower Nandina bush was right there to provide a beautiful contrast.

Firepower Nandina Bush

Benefits of a Firepower Nandina Bush

  1. Easy to Plant
  2. Small and Lightweight
  3. Gorgeous Color Year Round
  4. Easy to Transplant – Quick Recovery
  5. No Pruning
  6. No Trimming
  7. Soft Leaves
  8. Color Changing Bush
  9. Tolerates Full Sun to Partial Shade
  10. Height:  2′ – 3′  (dwarf)
  11. Hardiness Zones:  6 – 11

Firepower Nandina Bush in Summer

As you can see in the photo below, my Firepower Nandina bushes are light green and yellow during the summer months.  That is actually perfect as the perfect complement to both grass, my dark-leaved Flowering Pear tree and the spruce bushes.

Firepower Nandinas

Firepower Nandina Bush in Winter

These photos are snapshots of my Firepower Nandina bushes in the winter and you can easily see where the bush got its name.  During the coldest months, they are a stunningly gorgeous red color.  They truly provide beauty in the months that are otherwise bleak in our yards.

Firepower Nandina Bush
You can learn how to paint your own Concrete Statues like the one in the photo above by clicking this link.


The Leaves of a Firepower Nandina Bush

As you can see, the leaves of the Firepower Nandina bush change with the seasons.  The texture of the leaves always remains the same.  The leaves are soft and the bush branches seem to be delicate.  However, don’t be deceived by looks!  The Firepower Nandinas are very strong.  They bend in the wind, tolerate our dogs jumping around them, and endure the extremes in the weather, all without being affected.

They are always beautiful!


Firepower Nandina with Robin

Buy Your Own Firepower Nandina Bush

For myself, I have always purchased my Firepower Nandina bushes in the gallon pot like the one on the left below.  I tend to prefer the instant gratification of seeing the complete garden or bed in a mature state.  However, I do understand how the need to save money can play into many gardening endeavors.  Therefore, I am also featuring the option to buy the roots.  Just keep in mind, you may get more roots for your money, but your survival rate may well be decreased.  Also, it will take a few years for your bush to reach maturity.

 Firepower Dwarf Nandina Heavenly Bamboo – Live Plant – Quart PotCheck Price ‘Firepower’ Nandina – Nandina domestica ‘Firepower – Healthy Established Roots – 12 plantsCheck Price


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Firepower Nandina Bush