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Have Them Take Shelter Inside Best Wooden Bird Houses

Bluebird Photo by SylvestermouseWooden bird houses make the perfect nesting place for small birds.  We often see them flying around our neighborhood and, of course, they love flying, but they need a place to nest and a wooden birdhouse is a great nesting place.

My family enjoys watching the different species and trying to identify them.  I guess you could call us “at home” birdwatchers.  The various colors are fascinating!  We have a few feeders in our yard, but we have also set out several homes for our feathered friends over the years.

We really enjoy watching their activity as they build their nests.  Then we become like expectant grandparents waiting to watch them teach their babies to fly.  It is always a little sad when the new family moves out, but we know that is only temporary and we can expect another one to move in next year.  You, too, can install wooden bird houses in your garden or backyard and provide a place for those magnificent flying guests and enjoy having them live in your own backyard.

If you love wildlife, I am certain you will enjoy the many hours of entertainment you will have as a result of simply adding a small home for them in your yard.  Oh, and do be sure to take pictures!


Wooden Bird House in My Backyard – Bluebirds Inspecting Their New Home

Blue Bird House

Bluebirds in Our Backyard


Similar to My Wooden Bird Houses

 Woodlink Wooden Bluebird House – Model BB1Check Price

This bluebird house that is ornithologically designed to attract bluebirds like the ones living in my backyard and pictured above.  This birdhouse has a 1/2-inch hole which is the perfect size for small birds, but is too small for larger predator birds who would raid the nest.

The bird house features an easy open front to make cleaning easier, which you may want to do during the winter while there are no residents.


This Happy Couple Moved Right In My Wooden Bird House

This Photo was Taken only a Few Minutes After Their Initial Inspection of the House

Bluebird Bird Houses

Bluebirds in Our Backyard

I guess you can tell I was laughing at the sassy momma bird who was clearly unhappy with my “interest.”


Another Common Backyard Bird that Needs a Home

12 Room Martin House

My neighbors prefer attracting, and providing a home for Martins, which is great for all of us and provides shelter for a variety of small birds in our neighborhood.

This is a really cool design for Martins.  This birdhouse is divided into rooms and floors.  The roof lifts off and dividers & floors lift out for easy cleaning.

 Heath M12SR Starling Resistant 12 Room Martin HouseCheck Price


Wooden Bird Houses For Small Birds

 Perky-Pet 50301 Wren Home Cedar BirdhouseCheck Price

The Wren Bird House

I personally love the stylish roof design of the Perky-Pet Wren Home.  Like my bluebird house, it has a smaller hole opening for small birds.

This house would be suitable for wrens, chickadees, swallows and truly a host of other small common backyard birds.  Either of the birds I have suggested, prefer their birdhouses close to a tree or bush.  I assume they like the feel of shelter that a tree provides, but it will also keep their little nests cooler.  This type of bird house can be hung, which allows you to move it around until you find the perfect spot in your yard.

I especially recommend this style when you are first moving into a home or area.  You will need time to learn the habits and patterns of not only the birds, but the other wildlife around you.  Clearly, you wouldn’t want to have to reset poles several times.

This birdhouse is made of cedar, which is actually extremely important for the longevity of a bird house. Cedar is insect repelling, but the birds love it!


Build Your Own Bird House

 Wood Bird House Kit Complete with Nails NEW AND IMPROVED 2014!Check Price

While there are tons of birdhouses ready built in today’s market, years ago we enjoyed cutting the wood and building our own bird houses.  There is a true sense of accomplishment to look out and know that you have created a shelter for the little creatures that bring such delight to our days.

There are some pretty neat and easy pre-cut kits available that make building your own birdhouse a lot easier than what we have done in the past, and you can still feel the same hands-on, “I did it” sense of accomplishment when you set them out ready for their first guest.


This wooden bird house kit comes precut with nails and is ready to assemble.

Recommended for ages 5+ and requires only a hammer and proper supervision to complete.


Popular Wooden Bird Houses & Craft

The Build-Your-Own Wooden Birdhouse Kit makes a perfect party or rainy day activity!  Children can use this fun craft kit to create a special gift or a unique keepsake.  This would also be a great project to do together.  It is amazing what children will tell you when you are working on a project together.   Well worth the time spent!

 Melissa & Doug Build-Your-Own Wooden BirdhouseCheck Price


Don’t Forget These Wooden Birdhouse Accessories!

Important Accessories for Wooden Bird Houses

Depending on where you choose to set your birdhouse, there area a few accessories that you may need.

As you can see, our bluebird house is nailed to our fence, facing east, which is actually a required direction setting if you want bluebirds to nest.  However, our neighbors have their Martin house set on a post.

Unlike the bluebird house, a Martin house should be set at least 10 feet off the ground.  Truly, the higher the better, but not recommended for areas prone to high winds.  Also, do keep in mind that birdhouses should be cleaned periodically and you would need to be able to easily reach them.

 Audubon Clamp-On Deck Hook with Mount Bracket Model NADECKCheck Price Heath Outdoor Products 15 Foot Telescoping Galvanized Steel Purple Martin House PoleCheck Price Woodlink NABAF18 Audubon Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle, 18-InchCheck Price


Bluebirds Bird Houses

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  1. I am going to get a birdhouse someday. I just don’t know how to install one or I’d probably already have one. Love your photos.

  2. dawn rae says:

    I love your bluebirds! I wish a blue bird family would move into my blue bird box! I definitely need more birdhouses.

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