Leaf Hauler – Handy Helper for Fall Leaves

EZ Leaf HaulerRaking leaves in the fall can be a back-breaking task. Raking, bending over to pick up the leaves, then bagging them is an extremely tiring job.  Anyone who has ever raked leaves knows how much time and energy it takes.  For those of us who have a lot of trees, it is a job that can take days.

I recently discovered this fabulous handy helper for gathering leaves and taking them to the curb.  It is like owning a huge dustpan for the backyard.  The EZ Leaf Hauler is made of rugged woven polyester and has handles to aid when lifting or moving.  It includes stakes for the front corners to hold it in place while you rake or blow the leaves into it.

In our area, we need only get our leaves to the curb.  Once a week, the leaf truck comes by and vacuums up the leaves. Therefore, we no longer have to bag our leaves. This EZ hauler simplifies my work even more because all I have to do is rake the leaves onto it, pull it to the curb and dump them for the leaf truck.  Then I fold my leaf hauler back up and store it until my next raking day.  Oh, and by the way, it folds up and stores flat.

I am a huge fan of anything that saves my back and my time!


The EZ Leaf Hauler

Raking and gathering leaves has never been easier!  The EZ Leaf Hauler measures 4 feet long and 6 feet wide.  Why make multiple trips to the curb or leaf gathering place when this EZ Leaf Hauler easily holds considerably more than a wheelbarrow.

If you have to bag you leaves, it makes a great place to hold the leaves while you bag.  The sides are like having 3 extra hands to help.

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Easy Leaf Hauler