Reusable Lawn and Leaf Trash Bag Holder Stand with Bag

Lawn Trash Bag Holder StandAs you can well imagine, I work in my yard often, especially during the summer months.  Because summer days get extremely hot in our region, which means I get tired a lot faster, I am constantly looking for any way to make my work outside easier.  Two years ago, I purchased a Reusable Lawn and Leaf 35-in x 18-in Trash Bag Holder Stand with Bag from Lowes.  This really neat trash bag holder has made things a lot easier for me!

Since we use large, heavy duty disposable heavy duty trash bags that tend to get heavy, especially when I am already hot, I sometimes feel I am fighting a battle just to put clippings in the trash bag.  This trash bag holder stand is like having a third hand, or even another person, to help when emptying the lawn mower bag.  Honestly, when we cut the grass in our yard, this trash bag holder has become an essential for me.  It allows me to set the trash bag in a constant upright, open position.  When I need to add leaves, small branches or twigs, etc. to the trash bag, I simply toss them in the bag.  When I need to empty the lawn mower bag, the stand is holding the trash bag upright and open for me.


The Reusable Lawn and Leaf Trash Bag Holder Stand with Bag

Let’s take a moment to discuss the built in bag with this stand.  I don’t use the permanently attached bag as a trash bag.  Personally, I insert a disposable trash bag inside of the build-in bag.  That permanent bag acts as a “container” for the disposal trash bag.  It keeps the disposable trash bag from touching the ground while also preventing me from overfilling the trash bag.  Also, the stand and the built-in bag together will hold the bag perfectly still so I can easily tie off the top of the bag.  Then, I simply lift the filled disposal bag from the stand and into a garden cart I have for easy transport of trash bags and potted plants.

The trash bag holder stand folds together as shown in the photo above for easy storage.

I mentioned in the introduction that I purchased my trash bag holder stand from Lowes.  You can purchase one from Lowes online, when available. I have also featured a link below for a trash bag holder alternative if the holder stand like mine is not available.

 Garden Treasures Reusable Lawn and Leaf 35-in x 18-in Trash Bag Stand with BagCheck Price at Lowes Artigarden Garden Trash Bag Holder – Outdoor Leaf Bag Support StandAvailable on Amazon


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Leaf & Lawn Trash Bag Holder Stand with Bag