Garden Journals – A Gardeners Best Tool for Gardening Success

Garden Journals and Log BooksThere are several styles of garden journals available today.  Many years ago, when we bought our first house and I started my first “garden journal”, it was simply a composition book with notes.  I did add those old school tabs on the edges of the paper to easily find certain notes and sections.

However, that old method of recording in a composition book is no longer necessary.  Today, they make beautiful garden journals made specifically for recording your gardening activities.  Keeping a gardening journal helps you remember what you need to do each season.  Notes like when to trim your crepe myrtle or the best month to plant annuals in your area can save you a lot of stress and anguish in years to come.  Plus, you can keep notes that include drawings or photos of what flowers you have planted where so you don’t accidentally dig up bulbs or plant something on top of them that would choke them out.

No need to depend on your memory.  As your garden grows, it becomes harder to remember exactly what and where every plant is.  That is especially true if you garden in containers and move them around.  Plus, you can make handy notations with dates of when you last feed or fertilized specific plants, trees and bushes.  What works and what doesn’t work well for your specific garden, trees and plants.


Beautiful Garden Journals

Some journals are just as pretty as a garden!  Not only are they organized, but they appeal visually and make a lovely book on your book shelves.  That makes storing them, and finding them, quite easy.

The Garden Journal and Planner provides a page for every individual tree or plant so you can keep in-depth notes on each one in your garden.  The C.R. Gibson Journal, Eden Garden, featured below is very basic.  It has been sectioned with tabs and contains 6 plastic pocket pages.  The third featured journal is a blank journal with a lovely gardening cover for you to keep notes you own way.

It is simply a matter of deciding what works best for you!

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If you really want an in-depth journal with log pages, blank pages for photos or drawings, and room for plenty of notes.  The author of this journal suggests having the spine cut off the book, hole-punching the pages and adding a spinal binding.  I recommend a binder instead of a spinal binding.  That way you can move or add pages as needed for your way of organization.  You could even design your own binder on Zazzle, which is exactly what I did.  Simply click “customize” to change the photo or even add text.

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Gardening Journal & Logs