Container Gardening with Flowers

Flower Gardening in Containers and Pots

Container Gardening with FlowersContainer gardening in pots is easy flower gardening.  Container gardening is a logical solution when you live in an apartment, have a small yard or if you have pets who like to run, play or dig in your yard.  Plus, container flower gardening is just simply beautiful and convenient.

After years of fussing at my pups to stay out of my flower garden, I decided I needed to make the “adjustment,” so I switched to container gardening for my flowers.  This has been an excellent solution for our household.  Not only are my dogs happier, because they can now run with reckless abandon, but I can place the container gardening flower pots wherever I want them in my yard, on my patio or even bring them inside for a few days to enjoy indoors.  There are certainly many wonderful advantages to container gardening.  Also, I no longer have to contend with mulch from my flower beds being tracked into my home.

The flowers seem quite pleased with our container gardening arrangement.  They no longer lose their heads to puppy paws and now my lovely flowers can flourish anywhere and everywhere.  It is truly a wonderful solution for all of us!.

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Flower Gardening in Containers

Choosing the Right Containers For Container Gardening

 Bloem Ariana Pot Planter: 20″ – Terra CottaCheck PriceThe size of pot you purchase will determine how many flowers you can plant in one pot.  It is always easy to add to your flower garden by simply adding another container.  I prefer a 14″ to 18″ top opening size with a height of approx. 12″ to 15″.  In the stores, they are labeled 16″ or 20″ pots.

I do use larger pots, approx. 25″W x 21″ T, for my rose bushes.

You will also want a pot that, once filled, will be heavy enough to withstand moderate wind and durable enough to tolerate rain, snow or any weather.  After years of experience, I have 2 types of containers that I can easily recommend.

If I want to be able to lift the pot myself and move it to various locations, I opt for the resin or plastic pots manufactured by Fiskars or Duraco.  I like that little “lip” on the edge of my pots because it helps me grip the planter when I want to move it.

If I want a more permanent container, one I will not likely move, I choose the concrete containers.


Purchasing the Right Potting Soil
For Container Gardening

 Miracle-Gro Potting Mix, 1-Cubic FootCheck PriceOver the years, I have had the opportunity to experiment with several different outdoor potting soil brands.  One easily stands out above the rest!

Miracle-Gro Potting Soil is truly my preference.  I have been known to leave one store without purchasing any flowers or anything, in order to seek out a store that carries Miracle-Gro.  As a result, the store that carries the right potting soil gets all of my gardening business that day.

Of course, now that I have found it on Amazon, my shopping woes are over!

In addition to using Miracle-Gro potting soil on new flowers and pots, I also add 1 or 2 inches of potting soil each year to existing flower pots.  Approx. every third year, in early spring, before the flowers bloom, I will completely empty the pots, fill them with new potting soil and re-plant the flowers.  Of course, I do have to be careful digging up the flowers and bulbs first.


 Skyflame10LB Natural Lava Rocks Garden Landscaping Decoration 3/4~1 Inch, RedCheck Price
Preparing Containers for Planting Flowers
For Container Gardening

If holes are not pre-drilled in the containers, I start by drilling 3 holes in the bottom of the pot.  I always start with a layer of rocks in the bottom of my containers to help drainage and to avoid root rot.

Then I fill the pot with Miracle-Gro potting soil and plant my flowers.

It really is that easy!


Lava Rocks for Planting in Containers

I use Lava Rocks in the Bottom of My Containers and Pots

I buy one large bag of lava rocks simply because they are a lot less expensive than purchasing a bag of smooth pebbles or stones for each container and they work just has well in the bottom of flower pots.


Bulbs in Containers or Pots

Planted in the Fall

Container Gardening with Flowers

I plant bulbs in my pots in the fall.  The bulbs do come back year after year, so there is no need to plant new bulbs annually.  Just like I would place them in the ground, I plant them 4″ – 6″ down, cover them with potting soil and then plant Pansies on top to add a bit of color for the following months.  After all, it will be early spring before any of the bulbs sprout.

I have had tremendous success with Iris, tulips, lilies and calla lilies grown in pots.
One Beautiful Iris!

This Beauty Resides in a Pot on My Porch Steps ~ This is it’s 18th year to bloom in my Container Gardening

Container Gardening with Flowers
Blue and White Iris

I have never completely changed the potting soil in this pot.  I have always been afraid of damaging this extremely healthy and happy bulb.  I simply add a few inches of potting soil on the top and stir gently with my shovel each year.

My Iris bulbs are planted in one of the larger pots (20″ Pot) that measures 18″W x 15″T.

View of My Container Gardening From My Kitchen Window

Container Gardening with Flowers
Window View of My Flowers

Spring and Summers Smorgasbord of Flowers in Container Gardening

Container Gardening with Flowers

After the first blooms of spring, I start planting whatever my eyes see and my heart loves, which really is just about any flower.

I have a few perennials that come back every year.  Among them are my daylilies, my lavender, my salvia and my bleeding heart.  Scattered in a few of the pots are Early Bird Dianthus, a little beauty with a lot of wow.

Of course, I always plant petunias in a few pots, but each year I select a variety of annuals to plant.  This year I chose African Daisies, a Dahlia, Marigolds, and a Spangled Star Dianthus.  I also have 2 hosta plants in separate concrete containers.  They flourish in their containers and return early every spring.


Let Me Show You My Container Garden!

I have added planting notes about each flower/plant below each picture.

(All photos by Sylvestermouse)

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More Flowers in My Container Garden

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Step by Step Photos of Preparing and Planting in Pots

A precious fellow student knows how much my son loves bats and bat lovers love Bat Plants (so do hummingbirds)

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Container Gardening with Flowers

You Can Always Find Me In My Garden!


Photos in this Article

All photos in this article are the exclusive property of Sylvestermouse.

Please do not copy or reproduce these photos in any way without written permission from Sylvestermouse

This article was originally published by me in 2011 on a different site that no longer exists.

Container Gardening with Flowers