Beautiful Bulbs for Fall Planting & Spring Blooming

Spring FlowersOne of the easiest ways to add beauty to your spring garden, is by planting bulbs in the fall.  It does require a small amount of planning ahead though.  You will need to select and prepare the garden area for your bulbs.

Selection of your planting areas should be determined by the amount of water and sun the area receives.  In general, flower bulbs will need well-drained soil and partial shade.  However, some bulbs can tolerate the full sun so be sure to check the instructions that come with your actual bulbs.

Bulbs need very little care, if any, but they do require patience.  After all, you will be planting your flower bulbs in the fall for spring or summer blooms.


Beautiful Bulbs for Fall Planting

Snow Crocus ~ Planted in the Fall for Early Spring
The little Snow Crocus is a tender touch of beauty that will often peek through the snow even before winter have rested for the year.  Their small, delicate petals assure us that spring is very close by.  We need only endure the snowy weather for just a bit longer and then our garden will be filled with tremendous beauty.

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Tulip Bulbs ~ Planted in the Fall for Spring Blooms
Tulips are among the most beloved flower bulbs because they are often the first to bloom in many areas, therefore they are one of the first signs of spring and life renewed.  Whether you choose a variety of colorful tulips, or stick to one color, they will greet you with a sea of beauty.


10 Mixed Colors Tulip Bulbs – Freshly Imported from Holland

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More Beautiful Bulbs for Fall Planting

Hyacinth ~ Planted in the Fall for Mid Spring
Each stalk of the hyacinth presents us with a lovely bouquet of soft, tiny little blooms that altogether create an explosion of beauty.

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Daffodils ~ Planted in the Fall for Spring Blooms
Daffodils always bring a smile to my face.  Perhaps that is due to their own lovely sunny yellow face.  I always thought the center of the bloom looked like a horn that was heralding in the spring and announcing the birth of a new season.

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Lily Bulbs ~ Planted in the Fall for Late Spring/Early Summer Blooms
Lilies give our backyard garden that carefree appearance as they gently blow in the breeze.  They have a fragile appearance, but they are stronger than they look.  They have a limited amount of lifetime and they certainly know how to live it to the fullest.

Stargazer Oriental Lily – 10 Bulbs

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The Iris

Iris Bulbs/Rhizomes ~ Planted in the Fall for Spring/Early Summer Blooms
The Iris is a magnificent beauty!  They remind me of the combination of silk and velvet.  The naturally ruffled petals give them a delicate appearance that presents the picture of sheer delight.  Each bloom echoes the touch of the Master Creators hand.

Iris photo by Sylvestermouse

The Bearded Iris bulb in the photo is over 15 years old.   It faithfully comes back every year.  The Bearded Iris is the  showpiece in my garden.  Perhaps you can find a beautiful bearded iris for your garden by checking what is available in this Bearded Iris Collection.


How to Plant Flower Bulbs or Rhizomes

Flower bulbs really are the easiest thing to plant!  It is almost as simple as digging a hole, dropping in the bulb, then covering the hole.  Here are a few tips to help you properly place your bulb or rhizome in the hole to insure your flower will grow.

Planting Bulbs

  • Dig the Hole to Proper Depth (the bulb package will tell you the depth)
  • Place the Bulbs the Proper Distance Apart – No Touching Each Other
  • Bulb Tips Should Point Up
  • Cover with Loose Soil
  • Water

Planting Rhizomes

  • Dig a Shallow Hole the Proper Depth – 10″ is most often recommended
  • Rhizomes require 12-24″ of separation
  • Rhizomes look More Tubular in Shape – Spread the Roots to Both Sides of the “tube”
  • Cover with Soil and Pat the Soil Firm to Hold the Roots in Place and to Keep the “Tube” from Rolling
  • Water

I annually fed my bulbs and rhizomes with fertilizers specially made for them.  Even though I have used a variety of bulb food over the years including Scotts, Jobes, Brecks & Miracle Gro, I honestly cannot tell that one is better than the other, but you do need to be sure to purchase a food / fertilizer that specifically lists bulbs and rhizomes on the package.


The Handy Bulb Planting Tool

Now, I know I have sorely tempted you with gorgeous flower bulbs, but don’t forget to buy your Fiskars Bulb Planting Tool.  You will definitely want it on hand when you are ready to plant your flower bulbs.

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  1. I have to admit, the snow crocus is my favorite… I’ve always loved to see crocus blooms appear after a long winter. They are a sign of hope for the future. However… daffodils and those pretty pink lilies are hard to resist. I like the bright colors.

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